DELL FactoryTour

Written on:July 28, 2010
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DELL FactoryTour

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  1. MrCryptica82 says:

    eh fuck it, I can build my own computers and tweak them to the extreme. Thats cute though.

  2. resqual says:

    2:32 bluescreen!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sitadriver says:

    @daw126 i India Dell Customer service is Excellent, it Blows up HP Acer, Asus and Others !!

  4. FASSY524 says:

    I think I’ll stick with my macbook pro. But Dells are good too!

  5. daw126 says:

    Dealing with dell customer service is long and frustrating
    However, if you can buy their business systems then your tech support call won’t be routed to India!
    but you will still need that motherboard replaced 3 times tho 🙂

  6. plocequ1 says:

    I love my Dell Studio 435 MT. The thing is a work of art with lots of power. Thanks Michael Dell. You are a true American..

  7. famouswolfy says:

    HP need to this
    this why HP is shit and i will never buy one again
    i hate my HP laptop

  8. MQnoob says:

    So this is what my Alienware might go through in its conception 😀

  9. hottiboy10 says:

    @wowusucktimes100 Eaither way your still buying crap. In order to build your own desktop you have to buy the parts somewhere.

  10. Dell0304 says:

    Dell is a great company. they do thing so they make sure you got your product. the computers are great. im using a Dell Latitude D500 to type this comment.

  11. MattySP34Ks says:

    micheal dell…ure a twat…period…

  12. 11samwalker says:

    cant wait for my alienware to arrive now ! xD

  13. dotrunghieu says:

    OMG, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz careful with my new laptop.

  14. sk8ing1995 says:

    7 dells
    giving up building own pc

  15. stelth96 says:

    I love Dell!! I have four and am getting (hopefully) a Dell Aero smartphone. All are wonderful! I have had no problems with my Dells, they are totally custom, fast, and have American customer service. I love Michael Dell and cant wait to get his biography. He truly showed how capitalism works. Dell worm, death to apple!
    Liberal pieces of crap! Dell, buy Republican! Buy American! Buy reliable!

    Btw had two HP’s both crashed within a week.

  16. siddudevv says:

    DELL its proud name for my life..i’m big fan of michel dell. one of my model in my bussiness track.

  17. computermadjack says:

    @daw126 Well, imo Dell are brilliant. This Dell machine is still going, after 6 years… And i just bought a new one…

  18. SONIC2620081981 says:

    @SONIC2620081981 why are they so cheap bro.

  19. SONIC2620081981 says:

    I have 3 dells now they took care of me.

  20. Qpeep says:

    Dell is actually a good laptop, I love typing on it. Haha.

  21. BobysTube says:

    i want a dell to :((

  22. Puteri527 says:

    I not recomend to by dell product esp through online because their services very bad. My payment already done more than 1 month but my notebook still not delivered. They promised to delivered within 5 to 7 working days after payment done.

    Their have policies which are cheating peoples. I not statisfied and want them to return my money but they refused.

  23. vladimir2277 says:

    Dell needs to start using higher quality materials.

  24. tetracatredoblehp says:

    1 month to receive a new laptop, that sucks…..give me back my money dell suckers

  25. wax333 says:

    Micheal Dell looks like hes blind id love to just assemble pc’s all day that would be awesome hey Micheal lol