7 stories to read this weekend

Written on:January 21, 2012
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It is a rainy and soggy weekend in San Francisco. The gloomy skies make me want to go in the opposite direction and offer up some lighter fare for the readers while I return to my brooding. Have a great weekend, everyone.

  • Kodak is dying. Fujifilm is thriving. The Economist explains why there is a dichotomy between the two companies.
  • If you like well-designed products, then I don’t need to tell you about Alessi’s awesome array of offerings. In a conversation with Core77 design magazine, the father and son, Alessio and Giovanni, tell the story of their family and their business.
  • Dusk, Dawn & High Noon: how shifting demographics are going to define the next 50 years and what it means for the world economy. India, China and the U.S. viewed through the population lens.
  • How to beat procrastination? Good question, but a better answer. 
  • How iOS can lose. My friend Antonio Rodriguez makes a case for what can go wrong for Apple. I am not entirely sold on his arguments, but they are worthy of a read. Also, Charlie Kindel on why fragmentation is not the end of Android.
  • Products, and by that measure, the design and user experiences, have to be inclusive of everyone — or what Frank Ates describes as equally accessible to one and all.
  • Now that we are all stars (in our minds), how do you build your pop culture persona? Some helpful tips.

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