Another day, another dollar: 4 more 25-cent Android apps to buy

Written on:September 27, 2012
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Google’s celebration for crossing the 25 billion download mark in Google Play continues on Thursday, with another set of $ 0.25 Android apps. If you missed my picks from yesterday, those apps reverted back to full price, but don’t sweat it; I’ve selected another quartet of software titles that only a quarter investment each out of your wallet. And of course, you can always get a refund within 15 minutes if you want to get back your quarter on any particular app!

Out of today’s choices, here are four titles I recommend:

  • Cut The Rope Experiments. While everyone was talking about Angry Birds a year ago, my kids turned me on to this game franchise. It’s a simple, fun puzzler that you can pick up for a few minutes or play for a few hours. Essentially, you swipe your finger across the screen to cut pieces of rope to navigate through the challenges and feed a cute li’l monster, aptly named Om Nom. Note, this Om isn’t related to our Om. (That I know of).
  • DoubleTwist Alarm. I was using the native Clock app on my Galaxy Nexus as an alarm, but this utility from the folks who make the great DoubleTwist Player software looks far better. Every aspect appears customizable, from the wake sound or music to different alarm cycles including one thatĀ picks the optimal wake-up time for you sleep cycle.
  • Paper Camera. Whoever says iOS devices have all of the fun with camera apps hasn’t seen this one on Android, even though there’s an iOS version too. The software morphs live photos and video recordings into pastel drawings, comics and a number of other amazing styles. Plus you can modify settings with the photo changes shown in real time. Here’s a look at this nifty camera app.
  • World of Goo. This indy game has won numerous awards, and it’s another puzzler. This time however, you use droplets of goo — many with different properties — to build, move and get past various challenges. Visually, its a cross between a cartoon and an old film; something you have to see to understand.

Sneak a peek at the other $ 0.25 apps too and let me know what else I should be spending my coin on!


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