How Andrew Breitbart changed digital media

Written on:March 1, 2012
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Much of the talk about Andrew Breitbart today, in the wake of his death, has focused on his politics, which people either tend to love or hate. But there was another side to him—the digital media pioneer. Here’s that story.

One day in early 1998, when I was working as a news writer for E! Online in Los Angeles, one of our web producers, Andrew Breitbart, introduced me to the spindly friend he’d been raving about for the past six months, Matt Drudge. “Matt is going to revolutionize journalism,” Andrew had told me weeks earlier, during one of his daily pontifications in front of the lunch trucks that lined mid-Wilshire: rants that would touch on his love of Dodgers baseball, his quest for low-cost Saab automotive repair and his obsessive hatred of Bill Clinton.

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