How to keep friendships long past your startups

Written on:August 23, 2012
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If The Social Network taught us anything, it’s that startups can ruin friendships. So it was refreshing and fun to interview Satish Dharmaraj, general partner at Redpoint Ventures, and Scott Dietzen, CEO of Pure Storage. The two have been working together, but more importantly have remained friends for more than 15 years. The two take business seriously, but have a genuinely good time with one another. So much so that I almost want to create a sitcom called “Satish and Dietz.”

In this edition of See Founders Run, the two talk about the ways build a lasting business and personal relationship.

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On the more buttoned-down business front, Satish and Dietz (see? It’s catchy!) talk about how investors and CEOs should work together.

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