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Written on:July 6, 2011
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Join us to explore the opportunities being fueled by the conjunction of mobile and cloud – from hardware to software to services. Register here by July 23 to pay only $ 795 for an earlybird ticket.

GigaOM editors, GigaOM Pro analysts and top-notch industry speakers will lead a discussion on the next 12-18 months of mobile computing. We’ll debate the opportunities and challenges created by the mainstream cultural adoption of all-things-mobile.

Topics include:

  • The rise (and potential fall) of the app economy. Mobile apps are everywhere now, and people are even basing mobile device decisions on which platforms support particular apps, but will the app store survive as a business model?
  • The tablet and other smart personal devices in the workplace. As lines between work life and personal life blur, enterprises may have to adjust their device and app support to keep employees happy.
  • Location-based advertising. Location is considered the Holy Grail of advertising, but there are lots of hurdles to overcome when it comes to privacy, technology and business models/partnerships.
  • Hardware beyond phones. Tablets are here, but what machine-to-machine (M2M) devices will we see powering vertical industries and creating opportunities for developers?

See the full speaker list here.

We hope you’ll join us. Register here by July 23.

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