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Written on:November 1, 2011
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Google Drive is just a new name for Google Docs, so you shouldn’t expect a new service. What you can expect is a new software that synchronizes your files with Google Docs and more free storage.

Felipe Zorzo found an evidence (English translation) that Google Drive is also the name of a downloadable software. The clue is a new menu item titled “Download Google Drive” that’s disabled by default. To enable it, Felipe opened Google Docs, then loaded Chrome’s Developer Tools, switched to the Scripts tab and searched for cookieFetchElement. He clicked on the row number (365) to set a breakpoint, reloaded Google Docs, went back to the Developer Tools and pasted the following code in the console:

config.ed = true; config.ddu = ‘.’;

After going back to the Scripts tab, he clicked the “pause” button (F8) and switched to the Google Docs tab.

At the moment, you can’t download the Google Drive software, but it will be interesting to see if it’s better than Dropbox.

{ Thanks, Rodrigo. }

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