More Kickstarter success: PadPivot hitting Best Buy and Future Shop

Written on:August 19, 2011
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Kickstarter-backed iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories really seem to have a knack for doing well post-funding, and the PadPivot I reviewed early this month is a perfect example. Creators Bernie Graham and Jim Young just announced via email that the PadPivot will be available at Best Buy and Future Shop beginning in September.

The PadPivot is a versatile iPad (or any other tablet or e-reader) stand that folds up for easy storage, and works both on hard surfaces like a table or desk, or on your thigh for holding your iPad steady while browsing or watching video on the couch. In my review, I wasn’t shy about calling the PadPivot the most practical stand I’d ever come across, and that remains true after a couple more weeks of usage.

PadPivot easily exceeded its funding goal of $ 10,000, raising $ 190,352 on Kickstarter, where anyone can pledge small amounts to see the project become a reality. Another project that blew past its initial funding target, the iPod nano watchbands called LunaTik and TikTok, also went on to pick up a prize retail distribution deal, and are now available on Apple retail store shelves.

Kickstarter’s advantage is its ability to act as a focus group (designers will change their product based on feedback during the funding period), test market (pledges act as pre-orders, so retailers have a ready-made sample of prospective buyer interest) and funding round. Thanks to that triple-pronged approach, consumers get to select from some unique accessories that might not have made it through the design-by-committee process that churns out relatively interchangeable designs at established accessory-makers.

When the PadPivot arrives on Best Buy and Future Shop (which is owned by Best Buy) shelves, it’ll bear in-house RocketFish branding. The device will still retain the same design that makes it so handy, and the PadPivot name, however, and should retail for around $ 39.99. Check it out in action below.

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