No More Mobile iGoogle

Written on:August 4, 2012
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Last month, Google announced that iGoogle will be discontinued next year. Few people noticed a help center article which informed users that “the mobile version will be retired on July 31, 2012”.

The mobile iGoogle site no longer works, even if the iGoogle link is still included on the homepage. “As Google announced in early July, iGoogle’s mobile version has been retired,” mentions a Google employee. Unfortunately, you can’t even use the desktop iGoogle site on a mobile device without changing the user agent. You can do that in the mobile Chrome for Android and iOS or in the stock Android 4.0+ browser by visiting and selecting “request desktop site” from the menu.

Google suggests users to try mobile apps and add widgets to the home screen if they have an Android device. There are all kinds of apps for weather, news, mail, unit conversion, translation, but the nice thing about iGoogle is that everything is displayed on a single page you can could access from any device. The “Google Now” feature from Android Jelly Bean could replace the mobile iGoogle once Google adds more cards.

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