Rewind: My favorite posts from 2012

Written on:December 27, 2012
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I spent past few days digging through the archives of GigaOM and have come up with some of my favorite posts that I believe are worth re-reading as we turn the page on 2012. They give you a sense of what I think were big stories for past 2012 and will continue to impact technology ecosystem in 2013.


  • Amplification and the changing role of media
  • The Pinterestization of the e-commerce experience
  • When it comes to startups, timing really is everything


  • What does iPhone have to do with Robots
  • The slow rise of SoMoClo OS
  • Apple vs. Samsung and the reality of Android ecosystem
  • How France’s Free will reinvent mobile


  • A question Twitter needs to ask itself
  • Twitter slowly unfolding its search ambitions 
  • Facebook giveth, Facebook taketh: a curious case of video apps
  • Here is why Facebook bought Instagram
  • You are what you curate: Why Pinterest is hawt
  • In memoriam: Even in losing how Digg won
  • What a Facebook IPO means for Silicon Valley


  • Here is why Cisco bought Meraki for $ 1.2 billion
  • Dell and HP together on a long road to nowhere
  • Happy birthday Skype, in 9 years you changed the phone business
  • Groupon isn’t a tech company, why was it valued as one?
  • Google to launch Amazon, Microsoft cloud rival
  • Google vs. everyone, an epic war on many fronts
  • Kickstarted: My conversation with Kickstarter founder, Perry Chen

Startups to watch

  • With sensors, apps and data, my smartphone is almost my doctor
  • Unlike Facebook, thinks HTML5 rocks
  • New app heralds the era of anticipatory computing 


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