Sponsor post: 7 habits of highly effective cloud architects

Written on:September 1, 2011
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IT architects are evaluating popular cloud services to manage their dynamic workload needs. They quickly discover that most popular cloud services present a thorny dilemma:

• Commodity infrastructure services offer scalability and low-cost resources but require applications to be rewritten to proprietary formats and APIs at considerable expense.
• Software tools such as VMware or Citrix help create internal clouds but require additional hardware, large capital expense and time-consuming IT implementation.

Download: 7 habits of highly effective cloud architects

Forward-thinking IT architects are discovering that only cloud solutions that meet both needs attain faster user adoption and deliver operational cost savings of 70 percent or more. These IT architects identify seven highly effective habits that have delivered successful cloud deployments to their organization. These include:

1. Identifying workloads suitable for the cloud that give you easy wins
2. Assessing if you need to re-architect your applications to use the cloud
3. Empowering your users with self-service and create internal evangelists
4. And more . . .

In this white paper, we identify several common IT problems faced by IT architects and discuss solutions to them in detail. We focus on the seven habits of successful IT architects and describe how these best practices can help you develop your own highly effective IT strategy.

Download: 7 habits of highly effective cloud architects


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