Sponsor post: Cross cloud management: should be easy as seeing the forest through the trees

Written on:November 19, 2012
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“It’s impossible to track all our systems — new apps pop up daily, everyone wants better performance, but it’s hard to make sense of it all. Then there’s the cloud — private, public, hybrid. How can I track everything and deliver SLAs to my end users?!”

If this quote sounds familiar to you, then read on.

Tracking everything isn’t easy, especially with multiple service providers. However, ITOps are starting to compare competing cloud service provider deliverables along with internal capabilities. New application performance management(APM) and IT operations analytics tools(ITOA) are making this possible.

These comparisons require consistent, quantitative metrics — starting with user experience — that require standard measurement units to be deployed, captured and reported in an actionable fashion across cloud platforms or SaaS providers.

Appnomic Systems has devised a system leveraging ODCA’s Compute Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS) Master Usage Model that effectively monitors and manages application/CIaaS stacks (including real user experience, web server, app server, DB server) across multiple CIaaS providers in one “pane of glass.” Enterprises with purchasing clout can deploy this solution within SaaS application providers as well.

Ultimately, enterprise IT application operations and IT infrastructure operations teams can better select and manage cloud vendors and deliver a solid end user experience at the best cost.

Bottom line: There may not yet be a consistent means for managing multiple cloud service providers, but the ODCA and ODCA members via the ClaaS MUM are working hard to better see the forest through the trees.


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