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Written on:November 4, 2010
Comments are closed MongoSV, a full-day conference dedicated to the high-performance document-oriented database MongoDB, will be held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley conference center on Dec. 3. The signature event will be hosted by 10gen, the company that develops and provides professional services for enterprise-grade deployments of the open source database.

The multi-track conference is an opportunity for developers to immerse themselves in the design, features, applications, and internals of MongoDB. 10gen has planned a comprehensive agenda, with talks by the engineering team developing the product, as well as breakout sessions featuring real world, large-scale MongoDB deployments at companies like Craigslist, Shutterfly, IGN, Intuit, Eventbrite, and Wordnik. MongoSV will be the highlight of a series of sold-out conferences dedicated to MongoDB this year in San Francisco, New York City, London, Paris, Seattle, Boston, Berlin, and Washington, D.C., with aggregate attendance of over 1,500 people.

Over the past year, MongoDB has emerged as the leading NoSQL database. From enterprises to startups, companies across the globe are testing, developing and deploying MongoDB, having recognized it as the future of scalable and agile data management. Come learn about MongoDB directly from the engineers developing the database and from customers deploying MongoDB for real-world, mission-critical applications.

Visit for full event details and to reserve your spot today. Use the discount code “gigaom” to receive 10% off on registration.

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