Sponsored post: Zyrion Traverse: the hybrid cloud monitoring solution

Written on:February 15, 2013
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Large enterprises are using a combination of the resource flexibility of the public cloud and the security of their internal private cloud environments. Cloud provisioning platforms such as Cloudstack provided the interface needed by enterprises and MSPs to seamlessly deploy their distributed applications across a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

However, deploying an application service across a hybrid cloud infrastructures has its share of management challenges. A user might log into a webserver farm on a public cloud, but the authentication server and databases for this service might be on an internal cloud platform. Trying to isolate the performance issues in this distributed application service would require unified correlated monitoring of the distributed components.

The only way to reduce the time to resolution for such distributed application services running on a hybrid cloud is to get a unified monitoring platform, which can correlate the performance across all these components and highlight potential issues in this applicationā€™s performance.

Zyrion TraverseĀ is one such solution that was designed for distributed application monitoring using its unique Service Container technology. Not only does it provide correlation and analysis across the distributed components of a hybrid cloud environment but it also has a behavior learning analytical engine and integrated Netflow, which allows instant drill down into packet data for fault analysis.

Enterprises and service providers need a monitoring platform, which can provide a service-centric view of their infrastructure. Zyrion is one of the few vendors addressing this need today and help in reducing operational expenses.


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