The internet of BBQ: GigaOM hits SXSW

If you like technology, brisket and huge crowds of harried people, there’s no better place to be this weekend than SXSW. We’ve got five of our writers on the ground dodging raindrops and wacky startups in Austin, Texas, and here’s what they’ve found. (Check out this post for an idea of what we expected going into the legendary event.)

  • Here’s what cell phone coverage looks like for SXSW
  • Bill Gates: education needs much more than just 1 percent of R&D spending
  • Liftoff! Your design plus a 3-D printer could power the next rockets in space
  • The King of 3D printing kicks off a SXSW focused on the physical world
  • Designing for health tech? Remember the 7 deadly sins
  • A wish list for education technology
  • The internet of weird things at SXSW: smart porta potties, light books and a robot zen gardener
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter on female workplace equality: it’s about men, too
  • Where WordPress is headed: Longform content, curation and maybe even native ads
  • Eric Ries-backed Neo Innovation launches new fund focused on lean startups
  • Elon Musk on his one regret from the NYT incident, spaceship scares & Russian missiles
  • Dalton Caldwell on our software choices: You are what you eat
  • Lean government? How HHS is following Silicon Valley’s lead
  • 5 things I’ve learned in 24 hours as a SXSW newbie

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