Where to watch the Democratic National Convention live online

Written on:September 4, 2012
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Last week, the Republicans had their turn. Now it’s up to the Democrats to convene in Charlotte, North Carolina and reaffirm their support for President Barack Obama. The event will be closely covered on TV, but office workers and others who can’t follow the event on their television can turn to a wide range of live streams.

The convention officially starts on Tuesday 09/04 at 5p.m. ET (2pm PT). There is no set schedule for Wednesday and Thursday yet, but you can find the latest details on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) official convention website.

Check out our ultimate guide for following the Democratic National Convention from afar:

  • The official live stream of the Democratic National Convention is provided by YouTube. Viewers will be able to switch between multiple cameras and also have access to a Spanish-language simulcast as well as closed captions. There will be a web-only convention special starting Thursday at 8p.m. ET that will be hosted by Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn.
  • The DNC has also released an Android and an iOS app to watch live streams of the convention speeches on your iPad or mobile phone.
  • The Wall Stream Journal will stream the convention both on Youtube as well as  through its WSJ Live apps on the iPad, on Android devices and a number of Smart TV platforms.
  • ABC News also has a live stream of the event on YouTube. And the ABC News iPad app will offer three simultaneous live streams of the event.
  • CBS News teamed up with The Atlantic and The National Journal for live streams of daily convention briefings.
  • promises multiple live streams from the convention.
  • CNN will stream key speeches on its site.
  • PBS Newshour is covering the event with a total of six live streams, which apparently include a sky cam and a hat cam.
  • The Sunlight Foundation will provide one of its signature fact-checked live streams as part of its Sunlight Live project.
  • C-SPAN is offering its own, commentary-free live stream to anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered by comments from on-air hosts.
  • Occupy Eye is covering protests against the convention live on Ustream.
  • Twitter built a microsite to follow tweets from the convention floor.

We will update this list as other streams, sites and apps become available, so check back frequently throughout this week.


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