Whoopsie! Google App Engine goes down

Written on:October 26, 2012
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On Monday, it was Amazon Web Services . On Friday, Google App Engine crashed and burned.

Update: This just posted to the GAE status thread:

At approximately 7:30am Pacific time this morning, Google began experiencing slow performance and dropped connections from one of the components of App Engine.  The symptoms that service users would experience include slow response and an inability to connect to services.  We currently show that a majority of App Engine users and services are affected.  Google engineering teams are investigating a number of options for restoring service as quickly as possible, and we will provide another update as information changes, or within 60 minutes.

The outage was noted all over Twitter and a visit to the GAE status page around noon eastern time turned up an error message.

A few minutes later the status page was up again, bearing this message:

Oct 26 2012, 07:30 AM – Oct 26 2012, 11:59 PM
posted by alevi

App Engine is currently experiencing serving issues. The team is actively working on restoring the service to full strength. Please follow this thread for updates:!topic/google-appengine-downtime-notify/SMd2pDJsCPo

We’ll update this post as we learn more about the nature of the outage, and let us know if you or your business is having problems.


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