2500 HP dyno

Written on:July 28, 2010
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I think this is a Buik but not too sure. If anyone knows then correct me please. Big HP dyno run using 2500 HP turbine unit.

Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr. Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio ( technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you’ve been missing.

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  1. dantelevari627 says:

    it did a burn out on the dino!!!! lmmfao Amazing!

  2. KPY33 says:

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  3. R1pp3rm4n says:

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  4. KCBCA says:

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  5. Raind3ad says:

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  6. azumaninjay says:

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  7. organdoughnut says:

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  14. Cschoening09 says:

    looks like a monte carlo lol late 70s

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  25. michaeldemasi says:

    is that the dyno that whistles or his car cause if its the dyno DAMNNN!!!!!!!

  26. rappinp says:

    @rabilfan99 under pressure

  27. unabashedoptimist says:

    @Maziyar now i see,dre uses the “666” to make his music sound louder and the b stands for beats so the program inside the laptop may be used for backmasking or under lying tracks which the listener picks up subconciosly or in other words “hear what youve been missing”

  28. longviewsfinest14 says:

    @klubs9017 There’s nothing about that cursed number that I want to feel familiar with.

  29. ALT980 says:

    A first he was all “f*ck the police!” and how he’s a spokes person for a big business. Now that’s gangsta!

  30. klubs9017 says:

    @longviewsfinest14 Wow that was funny. no dude i can understand why u would view this as evil but the fact of the matter is “666” is a popular and accepted archetype used in marketing. Its used in Games, Commercials, Movies and Artwork. Im sure you might have caught 666 before? Its to alert the subconscious. Since most ppl have very strong opinions about 666 somewhere in our subconscious and is such a popular infamous number you can see how it could give a familiar feelin on a subconscious level

  31. klubs9017 says:

    0:14 “666” is used as an “Archetype” in various Commercials, Movies, Games, and Artwork. Its NOT the Illuminati and its NOT because Dr Dre is a Satanist. Its simply a clever Marketing technique to alert the Subconsciousness. I’m sure this isn’t the first time any of you caught 666 before. It is one of the most popular numbers in the world after all.
    Also used in this way are “The Sun”, “Stars”, and “Inverted Pentagrams”. All of which can be considered Archetypes.

  32. longviewsfinest14 says:

    @Maziyar I knew there was a reason I found something strange about that commercial it’s like something inside me was telling me to stop listening to that music. That devil worshiping guy has his evidence all through out the video. After he puts the 6 in he increases the power and sound of his music. WOW Thank God I was lead by the Holy Spirit to view this commercial and to stop liking that evil commercial.

  33. Zoose619 says:

    Why does everyone say that Dr.Dre is going to kill the music world his headphones are AMAZING hes other songs are good and what makes you think his new album is going to suck hes always run a good album

  34. jerin123456 says:

    @Virus278 His new album that is going to come out

  35. magichristo says:

    Crappy MBP clone.

  36. JD4Trojhans says:


  37. Maziyar says:

    it appears BEFORE he puts the ” b ” into the computer.
    after it is installed he puts his hand on the equalizer and increases power.
    The Red thing explodes and Dre is seen bobbing his head.
    Through out this ENTIRE commercial a Techno sounding song is on.
    The Doctor will kill the Mainstream music scene with Beats Audio
    if his album sounds like the song in this commercial.. we are ALL screwed.

  38. pieanddanish says:

    if that computer comes with the mask, it’s mine.

  39. Virus278 says:

    This song is awesome. There a full version?

  40. uspatent333 says:

    I want that mask ! lol

  41. Virus278 says:

    @jerin123456 what’s Detox?

  42. LtotheAKE says:

    Detox will be released December 22, 2012 and we will all die the day before

  43. jerin123456 says:

    I hope I am alive before Detox comes out LMFAO

  44. klubs9017 says:

    0:14 666 is used as an “Archetype” in various Commercials, Movies, Games, and Artwork. Its simply a clever and accepted Marketing technique to alert the Subconsciousness. It is one of the most popular numbers in the world after all. I’m sure this isn’t the first time any of you caught 666 before.

    Also used are “The Sun”, “Stars”, and “Inverted Pentagrams”. All of which can be considered Archetypes.

  45. Fardousx27 says:

    Dr Dre Feat. Jay Z – Under Pressure

  46. Fardousx27 says:

    @yiffraptr the song is dr dre feat. jay z – under pressure its suppose to be the first single off detox but a early unfinished version of it got leakedd and thats supposed to be a snippet in the commercial 😀

  47. TSTALLS2 says:

    FYI, GO TO and listen to G Principle of Suthern Kavvy.

  48. RSProjectX says:

    @yiffraptr No it clearly says beats audio on HP’s website

  49. unabashedoptimist says:

    @Maziyar what exactly is that supposed to mean because the way you put it together didnt make much sense

  50. yiffraptr says:

    I just did some research, this laptop is an absolute piece of junk:

    Not even on the HP website can you find reference to what audio system this laptop has. Its just standard crap laptop sound. The only beats feature is bloatware software that is only going to slow it down. Check out the customer reviews in the above link.

    Do yourself a favor and check out customer reviews on amazon