HP Personal Again Pharrell (Intergalactic Artist)

Written on:July 28, 2010
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HP Personal Again Pharrell Intergalactic
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Over the last few years HP has evolved to become the worlds largest technology company, with the broadest integrated portfolio. We have acquired over 40 companies and greatly expanded our offering. This campaign shows the breadth and depth of this portfolio by shining a light on amazing customer experiences empowered by, and in collaboration with, HP.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. OgFakexx says:


  2. noxabellus says:

    Combine windows 7, a hacker, and xbox 360’s natal and this can be real

  3. BreatheMusicOfficial says:

    – Hey, CHECK OUT My NEW 2010 REMIX of Pharrell “THAT GIRL”
    …………Leave some feedback – NEED YOUR SUPPORT..thanks

  4. DjRippee says:


  5. mazter310 says:


  6. PineoProductions says:


  7. evilhomer6 says:

    how ironic.

  8. DECTWENTYONE2012 says:


  9. sick489 says:

    i have hp fuck mac it is kinda gay

  10. chris49195092 says:


  11. vulkein says:

    Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
    I was just wondering.

  12. nissanmagic92 says:

    i have hp…fuck mac!

  13. abrujitoz says:

    hey nosabia q’ quie hablaba era pharrel , hey muy buen comer ,[*]

  14. oscarjay2822 says:


  15. pikabko1 says:

    Hewlett packard ripping off my money, bank account. I got a worst credit report thanks to HP. HP also is spyware. Selling persional ID to other big busienss or a living. I hard a special report on big media. reprting big corperation ripping off peoples ID and selling the information to other big buiess and the Federal Govermenmt using these services for they own use. I do not recomand Hewlett packard to any one.
    HP lazeer printer is hardware spyware.
    everything you print out is used for HP

  16. pikabko1 says:

    SHit. I hate the fuck of HP I am dead serious. every time I pay for a HP it dose not work. what is HP doing desiging Dead computers for a living. who the hell these people are? Do they give a shit of what I do for a living? what when I have a problem. kill my account and demad to send my dead computers to Africa. Donation what the fuck hell shit is this?
    The bank called my work signt for one reasion only. Get me fired. I cannot do business with honest people.

  17. MisterGrayson says:

    Bum…….. bum, bum, bum, BUM

  18. darcatron says:

    i wish i could make a video like that. 😛

  19. HoneyspoonSilvermoon says:

    pharrell is so hot!! ♥

  20. ANAND1741 says:


  21. kulosek123 says:

    i have that laptop 🙂

  22. TheKirstyShow says:

    I love him…. I love that: The way I see things art is like music for your eyes

  23. unyen says:

    this guy is the greatest

  24. PHilADelZPHinESt215 says:

    damn u are a fan boy roe

  25. Uberoe says:

    “Baby” song Pharrell ft. Nelly in backround go pha-real yessir

  26. javierruz says:

    this is exactly why i use a mac

  27. kgore87 says:

    Dr Dre’s and How to Train Your Dragon were the best so far. I hope they make more.

  28. MarkieSKII says:

    I wish I had a nice desktop pc, I would make hd movies and try for youtube partnership. That’s if I also had a hd camera as well. Man I’m poor.

  29. enderfish001 says:

    Staying on his face for an extra 2-3 seconds at the end was freakin hilarious. I love these commercials =)

  30. Gannondalf says:

    “doing. thats how things get done”

    amazing quote.
    up there with einstein

  31. talltooth says:

    omg hes from flight of the conchords

  32. NiteMare2401 says:

    Go Rhys!!! Awesome Kiwi!

  33. oneletterfromheaven says:

    not as good as his NZ 2degrees phone ads. ‘that’s not it by the way, that’s just a giant logo’ legend.

  34. thebitterhero says:

    <3 you Rhys Darby

  35. deliafcipe says:

    the google captions on this thing are freaking hilarious. lol’d my socks off.

  36. jarradflinn says:

    anyone know that that dre song is?

  37. ForeverTradeMarked says:

    haha this is grrreat!!

  38. night757wolf says:

    great video! drop by the channel, add, subscribe, and chat. New video up
    describing the show coming and the
    equipment used. thanks to all who show

  39. ktxed says:

    hahaha @ 0:42 :))

  40. sluggabois says:

    lol transcribe can’t get teh nz accent at all… but awesome ad!

  41. weepaul666 says:

    Uhhhh…. Nowhere NEAR first comment. LMAO

  42. revolvolut1on says:

    RHYS DARBY! This guy rocks.

  43. Uncerten says:

    most ppl buy into brands not products

  44. qmaduro says:

    LoL “Keep it real, Rock On.”

  45. dada40022 says:

    you right!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Booshibonton says:


  47. quadsnipable says:

    what was the name of the song at the end?

  48. ScienceIsKnowledge says:

    He is from New Zealand , genious.

  49. 310thegame228 says:

    yeah maybe its his first single lol

  50. Diligent4real says: