HP Personal Again Pharrell (Intergalactic Artist)

HP Personal Again Pharrell Intergalactic Artist.mov
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Over the last few years HP has evolved to become the worlds largest technology company, with the broadest integrated portfolio. We have acquired over 40 companies and greatly expanded our offering. This campaign shows the breadth and depth of this portfolio by shining a light on amazing customer experiences empowered by, and in collaboration with, HP. www.hp.com/letsdoamazing
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
    I was just wondering.

    Hewlett packard ripping off my money, bank account. I got a worst credit report thanks to HP. HP also is spyware. Selling persional ID to other big busienss or a living. I hard a special report on big media. reprting big corperation ripping off peoples ID and selling the information to other big buiess and the Federal Govermenmt using these services for they own use. I do not recomand Hewlett packard to any one.
    HP lazeer printer is hardware spyware.
    everything you print out is used for HP

    SHit. I hate the fuck of HP I am dead serious. every time I pay for a HP it dose not work. what is HP doing desiging Dead computers for a living. who the hell these people are? Do they give a shit of what I do for a living? what when I have a problem. kill my account and demad to send my dead computers to Africa. Donation what the fuck hell shit is this?
    The bank called my work signt for one reasion only. Get me fired. I cannot do business with honest people.

    I wish I had a nice desktop pc, I would make hd movies and try for youtube partnership. That’s if I also had a hd camera as well. Man I’m poor.

    Staying on his face for an extra 2-3 seconds at the end was freakin hilarious. I love these commercials =)

    not as good as his NZ 2degrees phone ads. ‘that’s not it by the way, that’s just a giant logo’ legend.

    great video! drop by the channel, add, subscribe, and chat. New video up
    describing the show coming and the
    equipment used. thanks to all who show

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