HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)

Written on:July 29, 2010
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HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)

  • Compact, ergonomically comfortable wireless mouse in Espresso–great for use at home and on the road
  • High-precision laser sensor provides precise, smooth and responsive tracking
  • Blue LED and contoured edges give this mouse a distinctive style; symmetric sculpted design for right or left handed comfort
  • Connects to PCs via USB micro receiver (2.4 GHz) that’s so small you can leave it plugged into your notebook
  • 2 additional programmable buttons are easily accessible on each side which allow you to launch applications, control sound volume, and more

Add style to your notebook with the HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, it features a wireless USB receiver that is so small you won’t have to worry about it breaking off; just plug it in and forget about it. The laser sensor in the mouse enables you use it on more surfaces and with greater accuracy versus optical mice.Combining style and on-the-go comfort, the ergonomically designed wireless HP Comfort Mouse in Espresso provides uncompromising performance

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List Price: $ 30.99

Price: $ 22.85

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  1. baseballislife57 says:

    Review by baseballislife57 for HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)
    For those of you trying to replace your existing crappy mice, I feel your pain. I was a little reluctant to order this mouse because I was afraid that the signal would not penetrate the solid inch-thick wood desktop enclosure of my desk. Not only does the signal get through, it still works perfectly through walls across the room. The mouse itself is also a very nice size. The disk that comes with it is not necessary for the operation, but if you would like to change the preferences of the two other buttons on the side, the disk is required.

    The mouse also works on every surface I’ve tried it on (not including glass). My computer took seconds to recognize the software, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

    Overall, I highly recommend this mouse, it’s a good price, and works extremely well.

  2. B. Barry says:

    Review by B. Barry for HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)
    Absolutely fantastic. You DON’T need to have a disc drive to “install” the mouse. Just turn it on and it works. Unfortunately HP tech reps. didn’t know this and I wasted about 30 min. on the phone. Overall I think this product is 5 stars!!!

  3. vevbutterfly says:

    Review by vevbutterfly for HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)
    I loved this mouse…for 4 months. The scroll wheel rubber suddenly turned to mush and would not engage the scrolling function. Now the dilemma is whether to spend all the time and energy it takes to replace it under the one-year warranty. If it weren’t for that, I would say this mouse had many advantages, such as the extra side buttons, which I always program to copy and paste, and the very small USB transmitter that you can leave attached to your laptop 100% of the time. Doesn’t matter though, if it only lasts a matter of months before falling apart.

  4. R. Frank says:

    Review by R. Frank for HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)
    This mouse is extremely comfortable, looks great, has good button features, and is very easy to install on a pc. Laser works on pretty much all surfaces. There is an on/off switch on the bottom of the mouse, and a place for storing the usb receiver inside the battery compartment so it wont get lost. The receiver is so small you can just leave it in the laptop though. The small blue light on top just turns on for a second when you move the switch on the bottom of the mouse from off to on. Other than that it is always off. This mouse takes 1 AA battery. Very nicely designed and high quality. I would highly recommend this mouse.

  5. Nhatman says:

    Review by Nhatman for HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)
    I’ll make this review nice and quick, starting with the pros:

    1) Cheap – it’s one of the cheapest quality wireless mouse that have those small USB dongles, which I love because you can leave it plugged in the computer all the time.

    2) Small USB Dongle – for the same reasons stated above, these new small dongles are great because they barely protrude (about 8 mm or so) from the computer and you can leave it plugged into laptop all the time.

    3) Easy Connection – there’s really no need to install the driver from the include CD-ROM; just plug in the USB dongle and Windows should recognize and install the driver automatically. Unless you want to re-program the 2 side buttons, there’s really no need to install the driver via the CD-ROM.

    4) Works Well – I’ve had no problems with the mouse in terms of its performance. The tracking is good, the signal is good, and the buttons feel good.

    Now for the cons, which is why this mouse is not a 5-star item:

    1) Bad Side Buttons – the side buttons are practically useless. They are located far from my (and my wife’s) thumb and hence, really defeats their purpose since you have to actively change your grip to reach them.

    2) Programmability – my other Logitech mouse allows me to program practically every button and I like to use the side-motion of the scroll wheel to go “back” while web surfing. It makes surfing so much faster and more pleasant when I can just flick the scroll button to the left to go back a webpage. The HP mouse unfortunately, only allows you to program the two side buttons; yes, the 2 side buttons that are not naturally located under your thumb.

    3) Dongle Storage – this is a bit of a nitpick because the USB dongle is so small, I never really need to unplug it and store it, but if I did, the HP mouse forces you to open the battery cover to store the dongle. Not really a big deal for me but it might be for some people. Then again, with it under the battery cover, there’s probably a less chance of it getting lost.

    4) Small Size – I know this is a mobile mouse but some people may have a problem with how small the mouse is. It’s not super small and my wife has no problems with it, but it takes a little getting used to for me since I mainly use with a full-size mouse at work. Overall, it’s not really an issue for me personally.