Intel “Lunch Room” 2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercial Ad

Written on:July 28, 2010
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Intel’s 2010 Super Bowl XLIV spot starring Jeffrey the Robot. Enter for a chance to win Intel technology products and the all new 2010 Intel Core family of processors at
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Are all servers power hungry beasts? In this video see how the Intel Xeon 5600 Series Processor comes power when compared to a standard house hold appliance
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  1. RickztheMovieLover says:

    Jeffrey is a Parody E.V.E. (from “W.A.L.L.-E.” pixar’s movie)

  2. TechTune says:


  3. Quaaludedude714 says:

    I want to upgrade Jeffrey πŸ™ QC

  4. JUKIO01 says:

    @hesitation24 ya, american robots dont really show emotion and have sound effects like that.

  5. Discoqueen2010 says:

    Sensation !

  6. 999optimusprime says:

    I KNOW THAT JEFFREY IS BETTER THAN INTEL! Who can ever make a robot with feelings??

  7. bobbysam232 says:

    bum bum bum BUMM

  8. semn95 says:

    jeffery, come back!!!!!!!! lol

  9. dylanlynn123 says:

    go intel!

  10. rocker78able says:

    dont worry jeffery, we still like you

  11. michaelyc1616 says:

    What a dick…Great acting!

  12. madamatv says:

    The woman who consoles the robot is from my home town. Her name is Julie Mitchell. She teaches my drama camp! She’s awesome! And a really good actress!

  13. firebea says:

    awww jeffrey we love you β™₯

  14. Val0n says:

    0:28 blonde at bottom right

  15. TakaGacktHyde says:

    this damn commercial is so fudgin’ hilarious ;3

  16. howardkevinm says:

    i laugh my ass off whenever i see this commercial. its great.

  17. 2fast4all says:

    was Jeffery running an old P4? or Atom?

  18. TheGothamGirls says:

    JEFFREY!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

  19. r2hMisTaKeN says:

    @roflgernlinden then it says overruled xD

  20. lucylina1 says:

    poor jeffrey!!! πŸ™

  21. olenka19872003 says:

    these scientists are like from BBT

  22. Kostur998 says:

    pampampam paaaam πŸ˜€

  23. ScarPredator040365 says:

    Poor Jeffrey.

  24. Fehrwen says:

    Jeffrey looks like the child from Walle and Ive XD

    I love it! Jeffrey is cool

    thx for uploading

  25. TestingStrat says:

    all they need to do is hook Jeffery up with an i7 and he’ll back on top; being a robot has it’s perks too you know! πŸ™‚

  26. camartinez6 says:

    pure genius

  27. ICBrainy says:

    Now that’s proof of energy efficiency at its best. However I would like to see the use of a dual-socket configuration. It would be more interesting to see how efficient dual-socket systems can compate against single socket models configurations.

  28. channelintel says:

    Hello, thanks for all the comments. With regards to the 100w comments below the main aim of this video was to show how little power the L5600 xeon powered servers pull. We could have compared it to other house hold appliances that pull much more power such as plasma tvs, irons, etc but thought this would be a nice example to highlight how little power the platform pulls πŸ™‚

  29. Rocky1138 says:

    Not an overly bad comparison, except that 100w for a desk bulb is quite excessive and very few companies have just one server. They have racks of 20 or more at a time.

  30. wowmagic1 says:

    hah !! 100w for a lamp.. waw i never thought that xeon 5600 would only have 70w+.

  31. chrischoy9 says:

    hmmmm How about comparing this to the earliest intel servers?

  32. chicaltepetl says:

    i love british english! :D! also intel best in computer ever!!!

  33. byteusa says:

    Very impressive. Obviously that server had only 1 CPU, but that is still very low..

  34. dubtubjo says:

    this is amazing

  35. dannyandrijanic says:

    Not bad. Just one of the graphics cards in my desktop PC use over 3 times that power.

  36. Albinorama says:

    what is the hardware and software for measure that “power meter” , I love it. =D
    I want to use it.

  37. demyrik says:

    100w lamp? are u mad intel?

  38. AndreaFranchitti says:

    well.. i know that intel produces low voltage server cpu.. but they are a lot expensive than a lamp πŸ˜€

  39. d4ark says:

    @Z1BABOUINOS Kind of, indeed πŸ˜‰

  40. Z1BABOUINOS says:

    100W light bulb for a desk lamp????