What’s new for Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2

Written on:June 3, 2013
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What’s new for Hyper-V in Windows Sever 2012 R2

With the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 end of the year a lot of new features will be introduced, his post covers Hyper-V.


Generation 2 Virtual Machines

·         A VM with no “Legacy”

·         UEFI based
No emulated devices
Boots off virtual SCSI / network adapters
Supports Secure Boot

·         For now only supported guest OS’s are 64-bit Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and later

·         VMs boots seconds faster, OS install much faster

(You will not be able cannot upgrade a Gen1 VM to Gen2 VM because of UFIE (new bootloader) and use of GPT partition and not MBR to boot.)



Enhanced VM interaction

·         Full remote desktop capabilities, even when the network is down!

·         Integrated into Hyper-V Management experience

·         Virtual machines are automatically activates when hosted on Window Server 2012 Datacenter edition

·         Zero touch activation of VMs for hosters / enterprises

·         Copy and paste rich text and graphics inside hyper-V console!

·         Video and audio over Hyper-V console

·         Copy/paste feature as PowerShell commandlet for non GUI guest

·         USB passthrough can be enabled (GPO) it is tied to “RDP” session of VM remote tool.


2x to 10x Faster Live Migration Zero downtime migration

·         Live migration VMs from Window Server 2012 to Win Server 2012 R2

·         Compression enables over 2x improvement in live migration time

·         SMB Direct support allows for high-speed live migrations over high-end networks (RDMA)


Online VHDX resize, Live VM export / clone

·         Increase and decrease the size of VHD while VM is live

·         Export VM while it is running

·         Export snapshot of a VM, while VM keeps running


Storage QoS

·         Can restrict disk throughput for overactive / disruptive VM

·         Dynamically configurable while VM is running




Hyper-V Replica

Extended replication, now add a second replica to add extra protection for your VM at offsite location or hoster


Finer grained control of replication, now choose 30 sec interval or 5 minutes (default) For other scenarios choose 15 minutes.

Windows Azure will support orchestration of recovery using Hyper-V DR replica’s and system center VMM on premise.


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