Macworld Boston 1997-The Microsoft Deal

Written on:July 30, 2010
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Here we see Steve Jobs & the almost bankrupt at the time Apple Computer making a temporary deal with Bill Gates & Microsoft. The crowd was not too happy about it.

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  1. banido says:

    @DJMikeFury All the more to prove the stupidity from those Apple fanboys. They cheered the money they were getting that SAVED the company, they cheered getting MS Office…and then they booed the man that provided them with those 2 things.

    Fucking hypocrites.

  2. DJMikeFury says:

    @banido yea cause people by Apple to put Microsoft Office on there as their main application… rethink that idea

  3. sting2death2 says:

    Was there any need of curse words? If you would recall I said nothing offensive (unless u are overly protective of ur MAC) This is just one of the things I dislike about Macintosh users,u guys sometimes remind me of Cults.

    I never said that MS products where Better than Mac’s,I said that I prefer MS over Mac.

    As for Customer service,with prices like that Mac owes its customers great Attention. Microsoft, I never needed any Customer support so I can’t judge it.

    Good day to you sir.

  4. chv4life says:

    i used to be all apple cause thats what they had on my school. i knew apple left to right. when i got to junior high i had to learn microsoft windows etc. now im gonna go back in the apple bandwagon goin back to the roots of it all.

    i grew to like both. over the past 15 yrs . i used the old netscape navigator and eventually explorer.

    we can discuss the comparisons all we want but the memories of using those programs are priceless …..well at least imo.

  5. OGDaniel1 says:

    @StarControl69 Steve Jobs says now that no one at Apple sees it as “us against them”, all Apple is trying to do is make good products. And that’s what they do. Microsoft should focus more on making good products, instead of owning more of the market.

  6. OGDaniel1 says:

    @banido Well you’re wrong and gay! I have a Mac, and I’m so much better and smarter than all PC users. I have an Apple sticker on my car so the person behind knows how much better I am, and how their computer sucks.

    /end sarcasm

    Mac? PC? Who cares? What I want to know is why the fuck are people arguing on the Internet?!

  7. OGDaniel1 says:

    @Mar1n Well Microsoft’s not very smart. If they were at all smart they’d still have those shares….

  8. avengful says:

    @sting2death2 No offense but you kind of sound like you got a cock in your mouth. Don’t get all butt hurt because apple makes better stuff, and make fun of others for wanting to try new things. All i said was is i grew out of that microsoft office, I.E, and windows phase. I don’t hate microsoft i just find apple to be more customer attentive, and their products to be well designed and built with pride.

  9. julianbell90 says:


  10. sting2death2 says:

    Your comment sounds like your trying to sell me something… No offence but it does sound like it.

    In anycase Internet Explorer is just a Web Browser ,nothing fancy or shiny just does the most basic things.
    However I’d still use it over any Mac counterpart.

    Sorry, Mac users and Microsoft user just doesn’t mix.

  11. 1337Boredness says:

    @Mar1n if Bills didn’t buy the share, you wouldn’t own a fucking iphone now

  12. critter505 says:

    @banido It’s funny how that jackass called you a fanboy, while he himself is being a fanboy.

  13. critter505 says:

    These guys almost booed themselves into the unemployment lines…..

  14. avengful says:

    @sting2death2 I remember when internet explorer owned back in the day. of course thats back when i was still a pc user. But wow have things changed. I switched to mac and safari about a year ago and never looked back.

  15. DougB541 says:

    @Mar1n Microsoft long ago sold the shares.

  16. multimoney777 says:

    @ChrisSSocal then i guess im gay

  17. StarControl69 says:

    13 years ago Steve was like yes MS you saved us, and today he’s like OUR MACS RUUL DA WOOORLD MS SUXX

  18. jvarela965 says:

    @johnathon124 I used a Performa 550 in those days and came with Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.02 . IE for Macinstoshes were always horrible even before the 1997 MS-APPLE Shotgun marriage.

  19. johnathon124 says:

    @banido denial of being a Microsoft fanboy is a sign of a microsoft fanboy you Microsoft fanboy.

  20. banido says:

    @johnathon124 here is no such thing as a “Microsoft Fanboy”. Most people who use Windows do it because it’s a normal thing, it’s like wearing shoes. People who use Apple stuff think it makes them “different”, “special”, you become ego-maniacal idiotic douchebag worshipers of shiny objects.

    To me and most normal people a computer, a laptop or a phone, they’re just tools, not a status symbol.

  21. johnathon124 says:

    @banido Microsoft Fanboy alert !