Microsoft Office Labs 2019 Vision Montage

Written on:July 29, 2010
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How will emerging technology improve our productivity in the years ahead? What opportunities will arise from evolving trends and global change? Microsoft has collaborated with customers, partners, and thought leaders across multiple disciplines to develop scenarios that explore how long-term trends, customer challenges, and emerging technologies might converge to improve our lives, both at work and home. As you watch this video montage from 2019, look for examples of how current prototypes may evolve in the years ahead. While its hard to predict exactly how technology will unfold, we are constantly researching, looking forward, and gathering insights to imagine how technology investments today can improve peoples way of life in the future.
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Tina Wood and Part of the Channel 10 staff decided to do a video about how is a working day at Microsoft

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  1. hybridindian says:

    Of all the things I want to see first is the grocery list that automatically lines up depending on which isle the food is on. AWESOME!

  2. TeeFlick says:

    @Stainlessbull53 I’m more worried about 2012 than global warming.. lol and both are complete bullshit. (in the next 200 years)

  3. PrancingPonyClub says:

    I hope I’ll see this future myself.

  4. lmdabbs says:

    I plan to live long enough to see ALL of this…(smile).

  5. SonicTwins18 says:

    That is AWESOME

  6. Lolismad says:

    where’s the aliens? DAMNIT! VIDEO GAMES LIED TO US!

  7. MsGunner2010 says:

    good 🙂

  8. gislailson100 says:

    legal 🙂

  9. PC11155 says:


  10. Needham90 says:

    Not exactly Blade Runner is it?

  11. contourman says:

    This video goes well with the song 2080 by Yeasayer. Ah man I just love Yeasayer.

  12. klkenyon2 says:

    this will never happen unless your rich lol

  13. stifmaister96 says:

    Microsoft is only a theft

  14. ZenitYerkes says:

    Inspiring stuff…

    Anyone knows what song (or at least, what style of music, seems like techno-classical) is played on the vid?

  15. mIon7 says:

    I smell Dystopia.

  16. sethnayan says:


  17. raikes84 says:

    I would know the same thing : O

  18. TechnoFou says:

    Anyone knows the song :O ?!

  19. tenderwisper says:

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  20. tenderwisper says:

    welcome to ZCarMax com Car Market At your hand

  21. Andrew19ao says:

    @chobotnorgolbo but to get the camera Apple will get you to pay another $500-$800 so its too late.

  22. alkoed says:

    THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!! Now time to break out your pocket book.

  23. chobotnorgolbo says:

    @Andrew19ao There will be a camera

  24. Andrew19ao says:

    @chobotnorgolbo the only reason a lot of people are using it is because apple made it. It has nothing to do with it being a good product. Its not good for reading, and you can’t easily change the battery, there is no camera.

  25. keisuke315324 says:

    Intel in it?

  26. akaskyscraper says:

    @happygamestvfun1 i was just kidding. i can’t stand microsoft. i would never work for them or buy any of their products.

  27. happygamestvfun1 says:

    lol the eal hippe guy, in the sequrity department looks like a linux developer!

  28. happygamestvfun1 says:

    @akaskyscraper umm why

  29. happygamestvfun1 says:

    lol fake! that was most likely a bag that they ran over! lol omfg fake he is still talking after he got ran over, oh and they would be some blood leaking from the bag!

  30. akaskyscraper says:

    if they actually have women engineers and they look like her im applying for a position at microsoft.

  31. akaskyscraper says:

    dammit. i knew it was gonna talk about how great microsoft is.

  32. helipilot727 says:

    No wonder the products are so half baked.

  33. PCXPBOY says:

    i think you said microsoft at least 100 times, we get it.

  34. saeedkhan09 says:

    fit hai….

  35. sawybean125 says:

    Like you rushing that sentance, but i agree they cant make a console, GIVE UP! SONY RULE!

  36. spotgreeen says:

    That was just creepy

  37. itinkgirlzhot12 says:

    microsoft is the shittest company to make a consol fucking rrod cuz they had to fucking rush the damn consol

  38. KingOfFreebie says:

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  39. KingOfFreebie says:

    Just signed up and got my Free Ipad from hdmovienation[dot]com

    It’s really cool. Just put your email in and than you will see how to do it.

  40. sirvendor says:

    hahahahaha, loved the last two parts 😛

  41. ludowicy93 says:

    wow! Thanks! this funny video made my day! awesome! (I LOVE Microsoft 😉

  42. JoemarieTsinoy says:

    This just made my day good nice video:D

  43. P4bL0k0 says:


  44. viper99641 says:

    One thing that is TRUE: No diversity!!! By a Black employee with 2 decades of experience being railroaded. Notice the complete absence of any other race. Notice the only non-white in the video is the cashier in the cafeteria. Yes, to that extent, this video is accurate.

  45. comneard2 says:

    hehehahaha my cousin works for microsoft in the Game thing Microsoft Games studios hes the programmer for it Sean Jenkin n i been in that room were the gun fight was i think

  46. crgiphoneapps says:

    wait a minute why is the tech support guy not indian!!!

  47. rsx2 says:

    her nose is crooked.

  48. JEAN23ify says:

    loool losers hahah sony the best always

  49. wj0102 says:

    lol… can’t you guys use google??? Tbh, I don’t like Live Search/BING AT ALL!

  50. M0rganstudios says:

    Yup, I work for MS and that’s exactly how it is ^^