Microsoft Surface: Hands-on First Look

Written on:July 30, 2010
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  1. holdencommstra says:


  2. MilexProductions says:

    iPad is a nothing, this is AWESOME I WANT IT

  3. thynechie says:

    who knows what is the amount of this great stuff?

  4. NiKoL4o0o says:

    lol i prefer a remote control for my tv better then changing the channels with a table with a touchscreen.

  5. mrdeleted says:

    @soslinio How did M$ copy Apple, when the Surface was an idea from 07?

  6. MrBlaziker says:

    wow incredible

  7. isam1335 says:

    AWESOME ! but how much is this?

  8. iLOLwhenuJK says:

    People this was added in 07′. Microsoft didnt copy the iPad. XD

  9. SOFLY806 says:

    it is basically a big ass ipad

  10. mountaianeerfly says:

    @soslinio what product does apple have that is similar to this one? em if microsoft copied apple, steve jobs would have sued them a long time ago

  11. shithead118 says:

    i wonder hw much it is

  12. MUSIKALPRoPHET says:

    @BrainDS era chistoso cuando dijistes que hay un chino en el proyecto, progque es suerto, les gustan computadoras, pienso esta haciendo mucho dinero

  13. BrainDS says:

    ¿No pudiste contestar en español?

  14. MUSIKALPRoPHET says:

    @BrainDS true

  15. soslinio says:

    Um…. Apple already has been doing this for a long time….. Microsoft is such a copycat.

  16. dowling1981 says:

    @lantis123 There can if you really want there to be. Follow your heart.

  17. lantis123 says:

    so would there be a BSoD on the coffee table too?

  18. TheSchoegglnator says:

    @TDKING83 its probably gonna be 5 times the money too

  19. gortair says:

    LOL he said wireless camera
    is there wired cameras?

  20. Superflykid2008 says:

    trust me, in a few years, or less it will be. The price will probably drop to abour 3k

  21. Superflykid2008 says:

    ur fucked, and just waisted 5k lol

  22. Superflykid2008 says:


  23. Superflykid2008 says:

    are you kidding me. You shoud totally be able to game with this. Imagine you could easily turn this into a touchscreen airhocky table. I already have touchscreen airhocky on my ipod touch

  24. Superflykid2008 says:

    well, I imagine in 5 years or so, when more time has passed, and more compitition arrives, it might be down by a ton. HD TV were like 10,000 at one point. Now they’re down to like 1000 and lower