Microsoft Sustainability

Written on:July 30, 2010
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  1. alroor7 says:

    Very nice, but I don’t think Microsoft is gonna be able to deliver all this. They weren’t able to deliver a simple mp3 player (Zune doesn’t sell), neither a tablet (Courier Project), neither a cellphone (Kin)…

    All of this is just advertisement…

  2. RokhuStar says:


    shush will ya …somebody is going to turn of the internet with all that crazy talk about ..focussing subject…cant multitask…
    a few is more then one right ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tonlap says:

    Yeah google translate feature ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. NateDSaint says:

    @prfit It is if they can evolve beyond LED/LCD and have some kind of shared photonic projector that uses the display glass as a medium, so you’d need one display per room and the rest would be glass. : )

  5. kosoricluka says:

    Nice but… where are the 2000 blue screens of death that they encountered while using windows ? :/

  6. reygun30012 says:

    good O.O

  7. shaggyC5Z06 says:

    @prfit no paper. no printouts, no forms to fill, no flyers, no junk mail, no bookbags, no textbooks to lug around..,…. i’d take the screen anyday. just like a kindle. only better.
    i dont know if you have been to a major city yet. theres already a display on nearly everything. this is just the next step.

  8. 1001moomoo says:

    27 years

  9. eminemdel says:

    its very happning soon…. Sixth sense is on its way… google this guy.. Pranav Mistry god hes genius.

  10. chu121su12 says:

    Where are the flying cars?

  11. unitedboogiewaffle says:

    and the best part is we only have to wait 4782519788 years!! =p

  12. MezSays says:

    Nice, but what about the fact that it is mostly about aggregating and compiling and analyzing data? Data overload. Studies have shown that multitasking actually reduces productivity. The brain can only focus on a few things at once, otherwise it goes into a glancing, skimming mode. Search for Jakob Nielson useit

  13. blurcode says:

    Add a solar burst and let the party begins.
    By the way, anyone noticed the world in this video is somehow empty from people :p

  14. EarthSayer says:

    This is a stimulating look at technology applications yet to come, I just don’t see the connection to sustainability and the use of the term in the title. I find the title misleading entry into an R&D made personal feature. Is this not a form of greenwashing?

  15. Ragenbow288 says:

    The sky still looks kinda smoggy

  16. vildebille says:

    hi you uys

    are you paid by Google ๐Ÿ™‚
    MS has done fantastic products in many years and have a marketshare on their main products that is outstanding.

  17. matematiksel says:

    Microsoft’s dreams = Google facts
    Microsoft continued to sleep.
    Microsoft’s facilities, but it can not,
    Google is creating opportunities.

  18. wu2300086 says:

    I think it just like cell phone with GPS, we should have another person’s number to search him or she.

  19. xxlovenikki says:

    Microsoft can barely manufacture an operating system.
    Good luck to them.

  20. SneakyBastard1993 says:

    Now my question is will Cybering be extremely advanced too?

  21. 123IOWNALL321 says:

    Well, with more complex technology comes more complex problems. What happens when those things run out of batteries? Wouldn’t it seem like you’d use more energy than you’re trying to save in that world?

  22. Goomba141 says:

    Hope you can.

  23. DoctorUltimatum says:

    @Goomba141 kinda creepy, but maybe you can set that card/phone/interface with an ‘invisible mode’ where noone knows where you are. Besides, right now people can know where you are with RFID technologies…

  24. Kdmtmm says:

    Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Goomba141 says:

    It’s kind of creepy, because people can follow where you are.