Steve Jobs on Microsoft

Written on:July 30, 2010
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Here is the extended version of where Steve Jobs talks about Microsoft & their lack on being original. From the year 1996. NOTE: Video for some reason has become outta sync. Waiting for youtube to correct or fix whatever they broke, or else will re-upload a new clip soon.

Microsoft researchers demonstrate SecondLight, a new variation of the company’s Surface technology, at the Professional Developers Conference in LA
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  1. exposed97 says:

    @TunesTV1 that sounded like what steve said

  2. TunesTV1 says:

    @exposed97 den y did u say gays make apples

  3. seige184 says:

    Steve Jobs you’re a douche. Way to burn RIM and Nokia for Antennagate. Your a prick but I do like your iPod and to some degree your Macbook pro

  4. nikeryen says:

    @ribaldi i know! haha

  5. exposed97 says:

    @TunesTV1 actually I have mutual respect for each company, but I don’t understand why Apple is running down Microsoft? Anyway I am not a jackass

  6. exposed97 says:

    @TunesTV1 I have an apple computer

  7. mrwilliamjoel says:

    “Sure, they’re computers are better. but are they made of chrome?? Do they cost tons more money just because they’re preettty?”

  8. TunesTV1 says:

    @exposed97 maybe jack***es like you hate on apple because they’re much better than microsofts

  9. TheFreakyOMG says:

    so.. what can you do on a mac?:O

  10. jensssen says:

    yeah you right a cheap culture XD

  11. bahaha12 says:

    What makes this so much funnier, as decent a point as he may make, now he is becoming guilty of the same failures. Mr. Jobs, your Igadgets suck, they have stopped doing useful things and the Itunes format loses everything that makes music enjoyable to listen to and all they do is promote the stupidity of the American population.

  12. exposed97 says:

    Maybe its because real men work for microsoft and creative home decorating gays work for apple?????????????

  13. bob7789ful says:

    hahha windows are cheap because all they do is get viruses and and error messages they are for people who are poor and people who cant do anything on a computer

  14. TheHackeman says:

    Fonts, fonts, fonts… he’s been nagging about that for decades now. Get over it, you old fart! 🙂

  15. kiftaka says:

    did he stop eating?

  16. RattyRandnums says:

    @bestamerica Lol the USSR hasn’t existed in 20 years dude.

  17. htrukhcaz says:

    @1111daniel1111daniel they invented a culture called “really shitty computers that can’t preform simple tasks without crashing”