Katerine – Ayo Technology

Written on:July 28, 2010
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Katerine – Ayo Technology
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This is an amazing video about stuff we never knew. Hope you enjoy! By the way, the song used in the video is “Right Here, Right Now” by Fat boy Slim. Rate, Sub, Comment 😀

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  1. zakapior100 says:


  2. eSilva101 says:

    Ok I prefer this over any other ayo technology cover (original included)

  3. saidox says:

    @Minip2hn No its not retard, its a cover.

  4. Minip2hn says:


    this is the real deal, the original. btw.

  5. TheNinja1312 says:

    This song is not meant for a (straight) woman to sing

  6. Incommef says:

    @saidox Why not?

  7. saidox says:

    So everyone has to start doing their own version of this song now?

  8. abbynym says:

    milows better, but this is cooler than timberlake/50cent ^^

  9. Dariforest says:

    first learn how to spell chavy moron 😉

  10. AngelOfGreece1995 says:

    ela re katerinaki ….tou xronou 2011 tha pas sthn germania + tha tous paroume ta sobraka ok??

  11. ZazaLady12 says:

    viel geiler als milow und 50cent zusammen

  12. xicopuertoo says:

    i like most milow

  13. ReVChAoTiC says:

    tits are gd enough size for me fk wt idiots say

  14. ReVChAoTiC says:

    @Dariforest well ovi ur gay m8 shes stunnin maybe her tits are small becoz she ant ganan get a fkin boob job like all the other stupid singers out there u no what fuck of u cunt dont bother watchi n the vid if u dont like her figure

  15. Ninioczka says:

    extra XD

  16. Noodles4surf says:

    Ive done a cover of milow’s ayo technology 🙂 Its amazing to sing! /watch?v=J67pFoz2wk0 feedback?x

  17. milijanablagojevic says:

    @Ronanlover Girl in the video is soooo dangerous but thats not Katerine. Her face is only shown,and the body belongs to another girl :)))

  18. jojo223355 says:

    elle est magnifique

  19. endriu12393 says:

    nice music

  20. minwu56 says:

    @Dariforest where the fuck did u see the massive nose? Also most thin girls have small tits….She’s SUPER HOT !!!!!


    i like how this singer moves *drools*

  22. C19mafia says:

    a bitch must stand up for the cam took a good song and cover it and u have 8 mio clicks on youtube ;D niiice… -.-

  23. Dariforest says:

    shes hot?
    WTF massive nose and little tits. It should be the other way round ;D

  24. doquermo says:


  25. kampfzwerg0071 says:

    hot hot hot

  26. TheRobinhoodguy says:


  27. lakid87 says:

    The 2013 supercomputer shit scares me…I don’t want any machine smarter than us…iRObot anyone?

  28. jfla2000 says:

    i loved this video… it show what i would never had know, but had no dull moment, just played a little fast for me to read. Please send more videos about it i would love to see more!

  29. TechTubeMedia says:

    isnt the US 33rd in Broadband and France (or Japan) first?

  30. gojo131 says:

    @mickeyliveshere kinda scary but probobly

  31. EccentricAwesome says:


  32. PtoRicanDBLT says:

    This video F rocks!

  33. jessyuppal2 says:

    dumb americans.

  34. djdarkness13 says:

    I love this video they should have a day in which everybody has to come together and we see these statictics

  35. mickeyliveshere says:

    Anyone else think this video itself is outdated now, and that all those figures r proabably doubled?

  36. girlsJVlacrosse says:

    @amandabaker281 i agree completely.

  37. amandabaker281 says:

    I’m starting to get scared of what we humans are truly capable of…..

  38. Shaash009 says:

    hey ma song is still downloadin… : P Awesum Vid Man!!

  39. girlsJVlacrosse says:

    @TehNoobinShow i did too, so its all good(:

  40. BitsForPC says:

    This is truly amazing. I was glued to the screen the entire time.

  41. ArchMax says:

    things you should know.

  42. KabiZirdo says:

    Really i didn’t know that??? Awesome….

  43. lukestarspeeder says:

    Just watched this in elesbly!

  44. helmsfere123 says:

    If you multiply the number of songs a child will listen to with the amount of grams of pasta he/she will eat, then divide it by the times he/she will blink; your head will explode!

  45. faqbay says:

    If you multiply the number of the newborns by the number of music files illegally downloaded by them until they turn 18 you will get a pile of DVDs amount of data reaching from Earth’s surface to the moon.

  46. funkybege says:

    Awesome collection of information, the statistics are staggering but at the end of the day they are stats… For example a large portion of my hard drive is duplicated, copied, backed up and unnecessary data. So with all the new data, how much is genuine new information?

  47. kevissen says:

    @nulk1 read the description… right here, right now..

  48. nulk1 says:

    What is the name of that song in the video

  49. FMAiscool says:

    @iluvtwilight77 then why have kids?

  50. FMAiscool says:

    did you know…the EARTH revolves around the sun?
    …and kissing does not make you pregnant.