7 stories to read this weekend

I have to admit, being in New York, there is little or no chance I am opening my computer this weekend. However, for you I have put together this list of stories to read over the weekend. Hope you enjoy them.

  • Who says magazines are dead? There is just a need to rethink and re-imagine them. Forget GQ and Esquire. Instead think magazines like PORT, Monocle, and Bidoun, reasons Hypebeast in this article, Re(de)fining print & the resurgence of the magazine.
  • Talking about old media, here is a visit down the cable industry’s memory lane from the perspective of a customer. Old posters and memories — what’s not to like about They might be giants?
  • Social interaction and teamwork lead to human intelligence. I wonder if this translates into our interactions via the Internet and our new work reality? I don’t quite know the answers, but I will remain positive.
  • How will we live our social lives digitally? The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham takes her obsession with Rihanna and Beyonce and outlines two different paths our digital identities can follow.
  • Cuckoo: The social science of time is one of the most fun pieces I read this week. Kathryn Schulz asks the quintessential question about why big city dwellers stay up late.
  • Lastly, Niniane, formerly of Google and now of Minted writes a letter to a young engineer: How to decide where to work. Great read.
  • And lastly, the Rise of the Culture Tech.

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