Amazon and SAP put All-in-One in the cloud

Amazon's Terry Wise

Amazon’s Terry Wise

SAP All-in-One applications will soon run in Amazon’s cloud. That could make Amazon EC2 more attractive to companies that worry about offloading crucial business applications from their own data centers.  SAP BusinessObjects analytics and Rapid Deployment solutions already run on Amazon — as do most of Oracle’s business applications.

The conventional wisdom is that big companies are wary of running ERP and other enterprise applications in a public cloud. Such applications tend to be quite customized and tied into other applications, which makes them difficult to forklift into the cloud. But Amazon is working to change that perception. (For more on this, check out GigaOM Pro, subscription required.)

“Amazon and SAP will certify that All-in-One is supported to run on AWS in production [although] you will have to still do the testing and QA, the same if you run on premises or in the cloud,” said Terry Wise,  director of AWS Worldwide Partner Ecosystem said in an interview on Thursday. “The next step is SAP’s Business Suite ERP for larger customers.” He added the companies are also working on SAP’s BusinessOne, ERP software for smaller companies.

SAP, the traditional leader in the sort of accounting applications that run businesses, has been rather cloud clueless, although there are signs it’s getting its act together. AWS support gives it more credibility there.

With moves like this — and the news earlier this week that Amazon added Microsoft SQL Server support to RDS program and .NET development on Elastic Beanstalk, it looks like Amazon is bound and determined to make its public cloud services more enticing to corporate accounts.

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