Facebook’s road to IPO: 5 posts you gotta read

You might have heard, the Facebook IPO is coming. Some on Wall Street are excited. Others are nervous. Some are miffed that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t showing enough respect to investors by wearing a hoodie. Regardless, the IPO is going to be one major spectacle. Jeez, just look at the wall-to-wall coverage on CNBC and Bloomberg, who haven’t met an IPO they didn’t beat to death.

So instead of adding to the cacophony of banality, I tried to find some of the best blog posts from around the web and aggregatedthem for you.

  • Why there is an enormous upside potential to the Facebook IPO. Robert Peck makes a bullish case for world’s largest social network and feels that investors would make money on the deal — eventually!
  • 7 things every Facebook user needs to know.  The best part of this piece: it reminds me of that old A-ha song: Sun Always Shines on TV
  • Michael Lazerow, founder of Buddy Media (which makes social media marketing suite), shares the truth about Facebook Advertising. He says, it is the first inning of the game, and the ad business is growing, quite fast.
  • Jordan Cooper, who recently sold his company and moved out west, shares his thoughts on Why Facebook really bought Instagram. Of course, I used the headline and debated with Jordan about Facebook. In short, we disagreed more than we agreed, but it is heck of a read.
  • And just when you were thinking Facebook is all about photos and likes, there come news that it is helping save a language from Papua New Guinea.

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