Sponsor post: Bringing Broadcasters and Telecom Carriers Together

Telecom Access Networks Pavilion logo image2011 NAB Show® will highlight Telecom Access Networks — a conference and pavilion that brings together content and telecom executives to discuss the technologies and business strategies advancing video and broadband subscriber networks in the 2010s. Check out War on the Floor at the 2010 NAB Show:

As broadcasters grow more dependent on telecom carriers for content distribution, and telecom carriers grow more dependent on content for revenue, the two industries increasingly rely on each other to achieve their business objectives.

This unique forum allows telecom executives to discuss the business issues surrounding new copper and fiber access technologies, and the opportunity to meet with content creators and broadcasters from all over the world. NAB Show will take a supply chain approach, looking at all the parts of a video or broadband access service, from PON and DSL components to IPTV middleware.

The TAN Conference and TAN Pavilion will bring buyers from the Telecom industry together to meet with vendors to discuss their network needs. Last year’s NAB Show had over 1,000 telco executives and 25 percent of the nearly 90,000 2010 NAB Show’s attendees (PDF) came from the “Distribution and Delivery” segment. Get a look at the energy at least year’s show by checking out this video – War on the Floor at the 2010 NAB Show.

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