Sponsor post: The MITEF Stanford Venture Lab presents NoSQL and big data

OMGPOP scaled its Draw Something game from 0 to 15 million daily active users in weeks by utilizing Couchbase. Google, Amazon and Facebook would not have been able to scale if they utilized traditional structured databases. To build disruptive businesses they had to build disruptive data analysis technologies, spawning NoSQL (not only SQL).

New NoSQL tools that store and process big data already impact the IT hierarchy built around structured data. These new solutions must evolve to achieve the usability and supportability that IT depends on. The enterprise big data market is expected to reach $ 53.4 billion in five years. Will startups challenge the incumbent providers or be acquired? How will existing enterprise IT vendors respond to the challenge?

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Come join the discussion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, and learn about:

  • What new analysis and business disruption can NoSQL and related technologies unlock in the enterprise market?
  • Is there more value to be made higher up the stack in an analysis software?
  • How do companies build successful businesses with open-source software?
  • Can startups provide the same level of professional services and support expected from an enterprise vendor?


  • Robert Scoble — Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace Hosting


  • James Phillips — Director, Co-Founder and SVP of Products at Couchbase
  • Max Schireson — President at 10gen, the company that develops and supports MongoDB
  • Doug Cutting — Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Apache Software Foundation, Creator of Hadoop
  • Andrew Mendelsohn — Senior Vice President of Database Server Technologies at Oracle