What we are listening to: Sincerely CEO Matt Brezina

This is second edition of our weekly What we are listening to series. Last week we asked Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital about what he is listening to. This week, I asked Matt Brezina, co-founder and CEO of online-to-offline photo service, Sincerely. In his past life he was co-founder of Xobni, and is an avid music listener.

Om: What kind of music do you listen to when you work?

Matt: Mostly Hip Hop — Dr Dre, Wiz Kalefa, A Tribe Called Quest. Also, I listen to my brother’s music projects such as his bluegrass/americana band Brothers Comatose, Death Cab and other recordings he is working on. I am also a trumpet player, so i’m often listening to my jazz favorites like Roy Hargrove, Miles, Lee Morgan and Clifford Brown

Om: How do you listen to the music? (Tell us about the gear you use)

Matt: (My co-worker) Hua sits right across from me and he is the DJ in our non-developer area, so we listen to a lot of music straight from his Apple Thunderbolt 27-inch monitor. I listen to Pandora on my iPhone with stock iPhone headphones on my 2 mile bike ride to and from work every day. I have a Jambox for taking music to the park or my roof deck. I want to upgrade to the Big Jambox though.

Om: What are your favorite music apps/services?

Matt: Spotify for DJing parties. Pandora for cruise control while working or biking. We use Turntable.fm in the office on launch days.

Om: What are your favorite music blogs?

Matt: I don’t really read music blogs

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