Xbox 360 to “change living room entertainment forever”: watch the E3 Media Briefing on Spike TV or Xbox Live

We’ll be in LA for E3, but you can follow along at home, according to Major Nelson and Spike TV.  The Microsoft E3 Media Briefing will be carried live (Monday, June 4th, 10am PDT) on Spike TV, and for the first time ever,on Xbox Live.  Here’s a promo video for Spike’s E3 coverage, featuring iJustine and some impressive “crowd control”:

E3 All Access Live Preview
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The Xbox Media briefing is promising a first ever look at Halo 4, news about Kinect and the living room, and if we’re to believe the rumors, some more about Microsoft’s newest attempt at a music platform, “Woodstock”.

We’ll have more, of course, on E3 as it comes up, stay tuned!