Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]

Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]

  • Get Game Add-Ons: Songs, Maps and More
  • Play Xbox LIVE Arcade Games
  • Stream HD Movies and TV Shows in 1080p
  • Add style to your avatar

The 1600 Microsoft Points Card is your ticket to a vast world of entertainment. Redeem your points through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to crank your favorite games up a notch with add-ons like new songs, maps, levels and more. You can also download HD movies or TV shows for an instant movie night or pick up and play arcade games the whole family will love

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List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 19.99

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    Review by Thomas Eck for Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]
    In order to activate the card, you must scratch off an area on the back of the card to reveal a 25 digit code. Unfortunately, when I scratched mine off, five of the numbers came off in addition to the protective coating, thus making the card unusable. I called Microsoft’s Xbox support and after about 20 minutes of going back and forth with an agent and then the “floor supervisor” on it, I was informed there simply was nothing they could do for me. As an IT professional, I found their support agents to be quite unprofessional – a sharp contrast from their enterprise support which strives for 100% “very satisfied” customers.

    Quite surprised by Microsoft’s inability to help, I called Amazon’s customer support, explained the situation and much to my surprise, they immediately provided a replacement card and apologized profusely for the pre-Christmas issue. The replacement was provided at no cost, a return label can be printed from their site, and they even expedited the shipping for me – all without my having to ask.

    Amazon is a top-rate retailer and continues to exceed my expectations with every order I place.

    At the end of the day, there are two morals of this story. First, be careful scratching off your activation code; and second, if you do happen to get a card like mine, don’t bother calling Microsoft – they won’t do a thing to assist you on it. Do what I should have done from the start and deal directly with Amazon instead.

    Review by Frank for Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]
    First off, I’m an otherwise very happy Xbox Live Gold member. Instead of buying a points card from a retailer, I made the mistake of buying the points online from Microsoft through the Xbox. I used my gamer tag account and entered my credit card on the TV and I bought 500 points. I got the email confirmation that I bought the points. I then used the points. So far so good.

    Over the next two days, four other Xbox charges totaling $30 mysteriously appeared on my credit card. Someone bought more points and a game subscription using my credit card info. I called Xbox Live support- their answer was “we don’t give refunds.” I explained that it’s not a REFUND if my account is used fradulently. They still said no.

    Note that clearly the security leak was with them, as no other fraudulent charges appeared on my credit card…just Xbox charges.

    I then asked them to delete my credit card info from my Xbox Live account. They said they could not do this. I could not believe this! Given that someone had access to my credit card and they were unwilling to remove my credit card info, I had no choice but to cancel my credit card.

    My advice- buy the points from a trusted source like Amazon. Don’t ever give Microsoft direct access to your credit card info. I hope this helps.

    Review by Zeph Greenwell for Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]
    This is a great denomination to release Microsoft points in. Since most games on Xbox Live Arcade are purchased in 400 point ($5) increments this card give you the ability to download ten 400 point games or five 800 point games or some other combination (you get the idea). $50 is also a much more acceptable amount than the $62.50 for 5000 points. Since this is on a card it makes this possible to give as a gift or buy without using a credit card. This would be a worthwhile purchase for anyone with an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.

    Review by Patio B. for Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]
    This is a lot better than doing it through your xbox. For one, no tax. The other reason, for me at least, is that if you put your credit card into xbox live, you cant remove it. You can change it, but it will always have a credit card on file. Buying these points through xbox live would have cost me $54.12. I would rather save that $4.12, thank you.

    Review by M. Erickson for Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points [Online Game Code]
    These reviews show up on the list for all four options, the one, three, and twelve month subscriptions, as well as the marketplace points. Carefully choose the “Size” above, which is where you choose between live “gold” months and marketplace points. Amazon just put all of these different products onto the same page, calling them different sizes.

    There is of course a difference between months and points, as you can spend points without a gold subscription (just use the free included “silver” subscription with every XBOX 360), and you can certainly buy gold months without having to get any extra points. So one is not required for the other. The points get you extra content downloads, and the months get you online play time.

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