Tech trends 2013: Gartner draws up a list of future mobile devices

According to the technology research organization, Gartner Inc, cell phones are set win over personal computers in the race to the top of the consumer demand in 2013 and beyond. From its recent study of mobile device usage, it has predicted that by 2015 more than 80% of all mobile phone sales will be Smartphones and the remaining 20% will be Windows phones. As a result, an increasing number of people will log into the Internet via these handy sophisticated electronic gadgets.

Hence, it has compiled a list of promising technological marvels that are expected to take centre stage in 2013 and rule the electronics market throughout the year.

Possible tech trends of 2013

Here is a compilation of the future trends in the global technology market:

  1. Spread of the Web – The Internet is expected to play a bigger role in the days to come. This is because around half of all the Internet connections are based on commodities. Take for instance, in the year 2011 more than 50 billion intermediate connections originated from just 15 billion World Wide Web connections. Moreover, this figure may grow up to 30 billion in 2030 which will branch out to 200 billion online connections. Due to this expected surge in Internet connections, more and more image recognition devices, embedded sensors and NFC electronic devices will be used by most of the companies worldwide.
  2. Increased cloud computing – Personal cloud computing is predicted to gain more grounds in 2013 and so the demand for more mobile applications, content and services. Moreover, with the change in roles of the information technology (IT) departments, hybrid IT and cloud computing will be more in use and have a crucial role to play in the global IT business.
  3. Data mining – The data mining business will negate the concept of one commercial data warehouse. As a result, more than one IT systems will be connected or linked simultaneously. Therefore, companies need to shift their focus from erstwhile single data warehousing method to non-conventional data types and foreign data sources.
  4. Web analytics – This can also be referred to as actionable analytics. In the data mining business, packaged and cloud analytics will serve more companies and there will be a manifold rise in their demands as predicted by Gartner. These mobile computing devices will grant access to information that will assist in the decision making process of the organizations.

Therefore, from the Gartner’s point of view in the years to come both HTML5 and mobile applications will grow up in importance in the software development arena. People may prefer HTML 5 based applications but native applications will continue to rule the roost.