Microsoft Surface Parody presents a twisted take on one of Microsoft’s latest and greatest announcements. Truth be told, We actually WANT a Surface Computer, but since we can’t afford one, we thought it might be fun to make fun of it.
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Microsoft’s “Courier” tablet, first unveilved by Gizmodo
Video Rating: 4 / 5


    @sodas676767 Microsoft’s had this thing in the works long before Apple even decided to start any work on multitouch devices.

    this is stupid. the mircosoft surface is awesome. y didnt they show the whole map thing where it shows the guy putting his phone on and then the phone getting all the map info?

    Remember all that money you spent on iTunes to get your favorite songs? Get ready to do it again.

    “The future is here. But it’s not an iPhone, it’s a big ass table. Take that, Apple.”

    The voice of this guy is fucking perfect for these sorts of videos.

    OMG I’d so buy this if it was real. looks really cool! just wish i had £10.000 lol

    but i bet this big ass table can multitask and u can touch it the way u want to…just like ur mom ^^…just kidding…

    i want 2 see some kid bring 1 2 school and then the teacher willsay hand it over. and he will say well do you a toe truck? and she will say its a table not a truck and he will say ok then. and he will very recpctfully hand it over

    @dielan44 Funny but, I won’t argue with you on that. This concept, even with the marketing hype of Apple can break barriers if they really push the marketing behind it.


    Hmm, I’m surprised they didn’t make the effort to find another carrier to market the Kin. But then again, look how small the Kin’s design is.

    @Coraxuss There’s a good reason why they killed the Kin. Verizon wasn’t marketing the Kin enough. They were focusing on the Motorola Droid.

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    Retarded Microsoft. We’ve seen the prototype. All you needed to do was ad the little bits a pieces. You get people hopeful, then you chose not to do it. Now apple takes the market…. I pray to god that Google/android choses to get involved soon.

    @tantedang microsoft always has concepts, makes people excited, then decides to cancel, then apple steals the market in that area… They never learn…


    They killed the Courier, and now they killed the Kin, you’ve gotta wonder WTF they’re doing at Redmond. It’s funny how they tried to start a market of touchscreen over a decade ago. This is why they’re better off following the shadows of those who can actually deliver like Apple.

    It is shit very limited features and knowing microsoft will be full of bugs. What would it run? Mobile 6.5/7 shit or Windows 7 – please on a tablet – thats why in the last 10 years no windows tablet has been a success. a tablet should have a os with touch built into the core os no just software added on top

    Why did window scrap a sure thing , just to replace it with some lame ass hp slates…wtf!!!!

    I love to have one but its not to be

    @actionPactPolaroid I thought MS scrapped this project (thought I read about it somewhere)…It would be nice if this actually came out as it looks as if it designed more for business than the IPAD…Maybe MS plans on doing something else with the dual screen patent.

    question…what operating system would this run on? WIndows 7 doesn’t support these weird and wonderful innovations in its UI. They’d have to develop an ENTIRELY new operating system…based on linux?
    And this only has those couple of apps…? I guess that’s why it’s still in development and hasn’t been unveiled yet.
    And when it is unveiled, Apple will probably come up with a fresh batch of anti-MS advertisements…oh, and of course more useless lawsuits…because that’s just what Apple does…

    i think this device is more of a personal journal rather than a media player like the iPad….this is like a planner or something…
    in my opinion, the iPad is for entertainment, something you pull out when your bored, and it shouldn’t replace your computer…

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