An “Intel Star” TV ad — Sponsors of Tomorrow

Who’s your rock star? Rather than focusing on a new product, the 2009 “Sponsors of Tomorrow” ad campaign celebrates what makes Intel different culture, personality, heroes — and ways Intel has helped change the world for over 40 years.

Intel Vs AMD processor


    I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL, its hilarious and its been a long time since ive seen one that was actually funny

    Oi galera!!
    Pra mim esse é o melhor comercial do século, realmente meus “ídolos” são outros!! Aí Ajay Batt sou sua fã, valeu por facilitar a minha vida!! Mídia sensacional, trilha loka, pra quem curti tecnologia!!Parabéns á Intel, por reconhecer seus profissionais!! Um grd abç…Carlinha Stolemberger.

    Best commercial EVER!! Hilarious, I actually look forward to seeing this commercial!

    is it weird that i have watched this commercial more times than is supposed healthy? Freakin’ hilarious.

    @zumozao This wasn’t widely known 4 years ago when this video was produced by Tom’s Guide. Consumer CPU’s were just getting hot enough around then to require special cooling. Further, AMD had an unfortunate period where they made chips without thermal protection – resulting in egg on face…’scrambled’ at that! Problem long since resolved – this is a long, long time ago and ur right: no one would do this now (4 computer-years being like, oh, 40 years in the automotive industry, for example)

    @oliebol61 i have to disagree…the x6 is capable to make higher cpu frequency than the i7…thats why they use that one over the i7 in world wide overclocking competitions -_-

    @De2t3ny yeah i agree with you, maybe if you look on the inter-webs sometime you would know who currently holds the record… dumbass

    Yeah but this is intel vs amd its like having a race between a G – Wiz and a lambo reventon

    @ghostguy2k7 no, That is not true. I did a test with my friend and he had decent 2.6ghz 3 core from amd. And I had a core 2 duo 3.33 from intel and I beat his processor by a long shot, in every category except 1.

    Well I don’t see a difference between AMD and Intel because I’ve been with both, AMD is just a bit worse than Intel, but is 100$+ cheaper so…

    but who in the hell would remove the cpu cooler in the real world from processors? I don’t understand the meaning of this video

    Intewl is a beast no doubt but if you want to save money and get close performance the yeah sure AMD but I still am an Intel man 😀

    well to tell you the truth i want to try intel…because it supports mac os x…since already i have amd phenom but does not working on mac:/

    I need help. Which is the better processor: Intel Core i5-2.26GHz or AMD Phenom 8550 Triple Core 2.2GHz?

    @blazednlovinit The newer quads on Intel are now physical cores. They still have hyper threading so they have 8 logical cores and 4 physical cores.

    this whas long time ago .. .when amd whas a baby:D … now it kiks intel’s ass badly:D

    @MichaelKhanTV Intel has years of experience and excellent performance but AMD is the gamers choice do to its overclocking capabilities. Don’t pay to much attention to this video, its almost 10 years old. If you want a sure buy then go for intel but amd is just as good or better, it also obviously depends on what you are comparing as far as performance. The heatsink. draws the heat produced by the processor keeping it cool, the fan cools the heatsink and leads to better efficiency.

    my heatsink fell off my amd and as soon as the cpu hit a certain temperature it switched off my pc as a safe guard. so they have improved

    @meishongzai those are my choices huh? i’d probably go with the phenom, programs arnt optimised (i dont think) for 6 core processors currently.

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