How the Internet Works (8th Edition) Reviews

How the Internet Works (8th Edition)

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Simple, clear explanations walk you through every technology Detailed explanations walk you through the technology.   The Internet has changed the world… and, with everything from blogs to podcasts, Internet phones to video, it’s still changing the world. Now, it’s easy to understand how it all works! This book’s big, brilliant, full-color illustrations and clear explanations make it all incredibly simple!   DISCOVER HOW THE INTERNET REALLY WORKS… IT’S AMAZINGLY EASY! This ne

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    Review by George Orfanedes for How the Internet Works (8th Edition)
    This book presents this somewhat complicated subject in clear understandable language and diagrams. Both the novice and the experienced user/surfer will discover new facts or clear up a misconception about the technologies of the Internet. Many terms are defined and explained, including the interactions of computers and associated hardware devices, communications, software, and protocols.

    Review by F. Lybrand for How the Internet Works (8th Edition)
    I purchased this book a year or two ago and have come back to it many times as a reference. This is a visually-based book, which uses many illustrations to explain the functioning of the internet to the reader. Yes, there are a lot of areas where it glosses over things and it is very repetitive, but there are many parts where the large, clearly illustrated examples are without question the best explanation of some very complex systems. The book does spend a lot of time on simpler, less awe-inspiring technology like email and explaining how HTML works, but this is well balanced out by the visually-based explanations of how routers and other more dynamic aspects of the internet work together.The book also clearly spells out the differences between various access systems (DSL vs. Cable modems, vs. dial-in modems, vs. Satellite access) and also spends enough time outlining wireless internet access and other systems to allow the reader to see how the same ‘system’ used for the internet applies to these newer, more cutting edge applications. I think the book does a great job of showing and explaining all of the complexities behind the internet, without bogging the reader down with too much jargon and detail.

    Review by for How the Internet Works (8th Edition)
    This book has glitzy graphics. Reading it, I was not sure where it was headed. Nowhere in particular, it turned out. Each “chapter” has a page or two-long introduction followed by a couple of pages of illustrations breaking down the various aspects mentioned in the introduction. Could be a useful book for learning the jargon of the internet but nothing more. I was hoping for the nuts and bolts description, but most of it was superficial. Maybe a decent introductory book for someone who has just discovered the “net”.

    Review by Graham Douglas Lincoln for How the Internet Works (8th Edition)
    I work in the IT / Computer Repair industry, and I personally feel that this book is very helpful to most individuals who have little familiarity with The Internet and all the intricacies of email, firewalls, modems, Instant Messaging, etc.
    This book is very, very Basic…, yet I can guarantee you, as a Help-Desk Agent, that many adults (including myself) can gather useful information from this book. The old saying is true: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In this book, that is mostly what you get…a lot of illustrations.
    There is much reiteration of the same material throughout the book, which creates Filler, but the Illustrations are very helpful to the average beginning Internet user.
    This book is not designed to be the Ultimate Internet Guide, but it IS a wonderful book to read through and donate to your local library, or to give your parents or grandparents to help them understand the Wonderful World of the Web.
    Most people generally tend to forget that not everyone is hip to the Internet technology and terminology. This book caters to individuals who are struggling to incorporate all this new-fangled gadgetry into their lives. I wouldn’t recommend this book to Techs, but I would certainly recommend it to anyone trying to integrate with the rest of society, online.

    Review by William Kapp for How the Internet Works (8th Edition)
    Normally I don’t review books but because this one is so GREAT I find myself compelled to . I teach HW classes and this book has been a great reference materiel. also for people who want to get a basic
    understanding of “How the internet Works”. my classes are a little high level and not for everyone but this book is. I have told many people to read it. The Illustrations are the best I have ever seen.

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