How To Set Up A Home Server

This video covers the basics of setting up a home server using WAMP Server and DynDNS. http

www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST Richard and I perform the very first phases of setting up my new Dell OctoCore Whore Server. It has two four-core Intel Xeon processors. Does it blue screen under Windows Small Business Server 2003? Watch, and find out. Ifyou’d like to receive alerts to interesting articles as well as updates on my latest videos and live webcasts, then please subscribe to my microblog on Twitter! Bookmark my uStream page for future live webcasts If you’d like to Email me, use the link below Please visit my sponsors: http Enjoy the video! Warm regards, Alfred www.Alfred.TV


    If the computer w/ LAMP/WAMP installed is shut-down and someone tries to access the homepage will it still load?

    I followed all the instructions, i forwarded my port but still i can’t access my page everytime i key in my ipaddress to the web browser. What’s wrong with this?

    Ok it all works good on the localhost and but on the public ip address it just has a white scree same with the domain? Cheers for Anyhelp.

    @zdevine3000 If it’s a penryn one then just try to put another one in yourself or take to the apple store and ask for a disk drive repair.. but first you should try to get a new one and put it in yourself.
    If it’s a unibody one… still take it to Apple because only they can fix it.

    @zerobuu Perhaps your firewall is causing some problems. Try (temporarily) disabling it, and see what happens.

    hey can anyone help me on this, i got it to work on my local ip address but when i try doing it on my routers ip address it is not working. I have forwarded the ports already


    What OS r u using? wamp is for windows and lamp is for Linux, but neither of these work on mac.

    P.S. To all people of YouTube:

    I got a hold of a 13.3″ MacBook with Snow Leopard that has a broken/cracked screen. Everything still works, but I just need a miniDVI to DVI adapter. When I was trying to install windows(I need it for certain programs) it wouldn’t install because the Superdrive is bent I think, PLEASE HELP!!!

    From 3:25 to 3:46 I do not understand. otherwise, I threw the windows and I can not find and i have nothing to do. please help. sorry form mistakes, I’m not from England

    i hope you dont use this in a production server. windows especialy in apaches is very insecure. IIS works better in windows because it is a native microsoft software alas a good tool for deveopment

    if you had enough space and all… could you ponentally run a website( assume you had enough bandwith) nothing major

    i have a proplem while installing my social networking website
    it says that proplem in write permissions for templates and media folder
    how to edit the read and right permissions
    im using windows xp
    i tried all the ways to remove read only on the folder but no way no change
    please help me

    @macandpctips111 A good question with a simple answer. Software. I need to run Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Small Business Server 2003

    I’m like support windows server 2003 e 2008 dell

    i’m liked support partiners ! is good !

    I like how you have an iMac G3 right beside this octacore hellbeast. Probably feels so inferior.

    @dandankarpinski222 Hey Dan – for the 15 people that are on it, it’s an overkill, so that’s a good thing. I don’t have to buy another one for another 3 or 4 years; Hope you got a few smiles out of this. Trust me, we know what we’re doing — this was just light, tongue in cheek humor. Thanks for the support. – Alfred.

    that is an awsome setup, can never have too quick a server, that will run warcraft very nicely lol if you stuck a good gpu in it.
    awsome vids man keep them coming..

    @nolobedeagain You’re still a douche. And I’m blocking your ‘again’ account, since this is obviously your modus operandi herein.

    Until you post your own content on YouTube, STFU.

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