Internet Connections : What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is essentially a middle computer that sits between the client and the primary server. Find out how proxy servers increase speed and efficiency withhelp from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections. Expert: Mike Rickert Bio: Mike Rickert has been working in the computer industry in different capacities since 1995. Filmmaker: Abiy Engida
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    i have fire fox and its saying to contact your proxy server to see if it is working,i cant go on anything internet,right now im using the wii internet,so can you help me plz!!

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    Proxy servers are used for privacy rights and protect your personal data and identity theft. Because information is often not well protected by those we are supposed to trust. I think its a good idea to protect children since an address can now easily be pinpointed. It’s also used by people who are in countries that prevent or censor information by a firewall. It also helps Internet users in countries without safe access to free media ie China. Mike is discussing a business point of view.

    Hi i need help…I have 2 computers, a laptop and a desktop. Lately my laptop has more ping than the desktop espically on my online games..I confirmed this by playing the online game called s4 and i created a room for my 2 computers…my laptop has more ping and for som reason beside the ping mark there (R) (T) im wondering if my laptop has a different IP Adresss?

    P.S. Proxy server don’t necessarily cache data, some only certain data types and some none at all. Please don’t mislead people.

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